Saturday, February 2, 2013

Important Vancouver Real Estate Trends!

Anyone living in Vancouver knows that the real estate market is very different from any other Canadian city. The desire for everything new and innovative makes our local architecture and our real estate trends very distinctive. However, if you're planning to purchase property in Vancouver, you have to be aware of local trends in order to make a smart purchase. Here are some of the trends that define Vancouver real estate today.

Be Prepared to Pay

Most other Canadian cities have neighborhoods and regions that vary in price. For example, you can choose between more expensive areas and more affordable ones. While this trend does exist in Vancouver, the general price point is decidedly higher. A "cheap" residence usually costs around $1 million dollars, and oftentimes you are paying more for the land than the house itself. And supposedly run-down areas like Commercial Drive and Main Street are now as expensive as upper class neighborhoods in other cities. So if you want to live in Vancouver, be prepared to pay.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Because Vancouver is a newer city, there is less of an appreciation for heritage residences. Almost every day, newspapers advertise the demolition of older buildings in favor of new condos. This trend is only getting bigger and bigger in Vancouver. If you plan to live in Vancouver, it will be very hard to find older apartment buildings, which generally have larger spaces and more affordable prices. Instead, you will probably be looking at newly developed condos with less room and higher price tags.

The Suburbs are the New Hotspot

Because Vancouver has become very unaffordable, many young people and new families are choosing to live in the surrounding areas of Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey. This large influx of young individuals is turning the suburbs into trendy and hot areas. Businesses are becoming younger and hipper in order to accommodate these new residents. This means that the suburbs, which are usually considered a real estate consolation prize, are fast becoming the hottest places to live.

Longer Waits for Houses

Normally, a family will have to go through one or two "starter" homes before they can afford their ideal house. Due to high prices, Vancouver residents usually have to go through two to three apartments and then another two houses before they can upgrade to their dream home. This is just a reality for a city that has higher than average property prices.

There is no doubt that Vancouver is one of the best places to live. However, residents have to be prepared before purchasing a home. Get to know the city and the local real estate trends before investing in anything. You'll be grateful in the long run.


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